Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Crikey! I got an award! (or two)

Well, what do you know! I got 2 awards! Now the rules seem to be easy enough, and if the brain is working, I might be able to do this, we will see :)
Firstly I have to link back to the person who gave it to me, well that seems to be easy enough. This was done to me by the lovely Toni
Thanks chick :)  her wedding stationary has been amazing to watch as it was made, go on, go see!

Now I have to pass on to other crafters, this is not going to be easy, who to choose?  I follow some lovely blogs, all of which are deserving of awards but I can't pass on to all of them, so here is my list:

Phew! I think I have done it!  Now I have to give you all 10 facts about me. Not going to be easy this one, as I am not an interesting person at all lol.

1  I am a Heinz. English Mother, Italian Father living in Northern Ireland.
2  I am an avid crafter, cards, scrapbooking, crochet, knitting, paints, inks, gel mediums, you name it, I will give it a go, but show me a kitchen and I am lost.
3  I LOVE my camera!  Wherever I am, my trusty Canon is with me, and if you make faces, try to hide or do anything to make a "bad" picture, I will take it anyway and probably post it in the www. so beware!
4  I love my home. It took us about 5 years to find it, but it was worth the wait. In the middle of the Co Down countryside it is quite remote, but glorious.
5  I love my dog, she goes with me everywhere and is well known to all who know me.
6 I drive a Clio Dynamique, she is nippy and easy on fuel. Not only do I like the freedom that having wheels gives me, I would not ne able to live where I do without a car.
7  I like frogs!
8  I am useless with technology!  Paper and card is crafting, I do not understand digital crafting.
9  I hate being late, why wear a watch if you cannot tell the time! I don't wear a watch and can be on time, so why cant you?
10  I drink far too much coffee, strong and black please!

Now I have to add the Honest Scrap logo to my blog, bear with me, I am getting there!

Done it!  Well that took a lot longer than even I thought it would, so i am going to have to do the other award later, time for coffee, valium and a little lie down :)

I am back and properly fortified...............with caffine! Anything stronger and not only would I not be able to do this, but I would probably be asleep!

Here is the second award, also from Toni, and I have to pass this one on to 5 more people, some are going to be the same, as I try and restrict the blogs that i follow or I would be reading blogs all day, nothing wrong with that I hear you say, but crafting has to be done as well, and sometimes I do have to do the dreaded h/w!

There, that should be OK.  As it is a tad cooler here today, I need to go and do a spot of weeding, the downside of living surrounded by fields. The gorgeous grass that gets turned into milk by the lovely ladies that are my neighbours is not the nice fine stuff that I would prefer on my lawn, on the drive or in the one and only shrub bed that I have. Note I do not have flower beds as I am in no way a gardener, my only concession to garden tools are a sharp knife, a trowel and a ride on mower lol. I think there might be other things in the barn, but I am not sure and I don't really want to find out as I may be forced to admit that I have them and then use them!  Now that would NEVER do.


misteejay said...

Well done "Mrs anti-technology" - you did it LOL (knew you could).

Toni :o)

Caryn said...

Whay hey - you're really rockin on the tchie front now Froggie!! Great to hear from you and THANKS YOU SO MUCH for these fantabulous awards!! They are super-duper.

I'm off to peruse the rest of your blog now!

Caryn xxx

Avril Ann said...

Congratulations on your awards, I have been blog hopping and came over from Erin's I love your blog, the frogs are fab....Hugs Avril xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Hey Ffrog, thanks for sharing - isn't it insane this blogging thing!! Will get my head round it and come back!