Thursday, May 28, 2009

WHOO Another Post!

Like waiting for a bus isn't it? wait ages for one then two come together :)

These are what I ended up with for class, shrink plastic elements on pink and black card. Playing was fun, and somewhat messy. I wanted to find out if using embossing powder would work, answer........sorta! 
 When put straight onto the plastic, the static held some on, and it looked good when heated, but there was quite a film of powder left on the desk, so I decided to Versamark it first, then lightly sprinkled powder on, remembering that the plastic is going to shrink and the area is going to be smaller when done, so I carefully sprinkled on a fine mist of powder and heated. Hmmmmmmm not too good unless you like the grungy look, which I do by the way!
Even the lightest sprinkling of powder made quite a puddle that would not stay on the plastic, good look for some things, but not the nice clean look I had been aiming for, so attempt no 3.

This time I thought, well, as the powder was not working, what about ink?

Pink and lightning black went well with the colors I was using, so I inked straight onto the plastic and heated..........voila!  It worked!

Now I needed something else to give another look, so this time my hand fell onto some mesh I just happened to have handy (OK, someone near Birmingham will know me better then that, it was handy because I had not put it away) and inked through it, not taping it down, so it moved a bit when inking, not clean lines, but I think a bit funky none the less :)  I am going to stamp a mini birdy greeting onto it, but they are in the shop, so I will have to wait to do that.


misteejay said...

Great cards ffroggie.

Toni :o)

Lyn said...

I just had to chuckle when I read your post, Ffrog ....... I do love pink and black as a combo too.

misteejay said...

Hi ffroggie, I have a couple of things for you over on my blog.

Toni :o)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Waving hello. I found you through Toni´s blog. :) Nice to see you around in cyber space.