Saturday, January 31, 2009

Better Tonight

Well I feel a bit better tonight, especially as I have found out that I have won a pressie :)  Some lovely Bodacious Borders from a lovely lady called Steph on her blog Any Shade of Green

When the postie arrived, he does not get to us out here in the wilds until lunchtime (or after) he brought me a book I ordered from America, The Art of Fabric Books, just a quick skelly at it so far, but looks good, everything from the making to the decorating, I will keep you informed.

I also had a right rummage through all of my old magazines and had a good chucking session (after removing anything I found I might use :)) and even used my Dymo  to label all my boxes of bits, no more rootling around for me.........ha ha. Organisation is happening, just VERY slowly :)

If I was not such a numpty, I would have remembered to bring my camera upstairs, but it will have to wait until tomorrow now, as I am here, I feel the need to go and tidy something else :) I might even have a go at making something :)

Sad Saturday

Not such a good morning today, I have just heard that a friends little kitten had died :(  Last week he had a run in with another animal, type unknown, and the poor little thing was on the loosing side. He ended up with  a cracked jaw, but as he was eating and drinking the vet thought he would be alright. Yesterday he took a turn for the worse and sometime during last night he went to the Rainbow Bridge. 
Play happily little Aramis.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OK, I am up for the Challenge!

Mrs Dunnit, has gone and well........dunnit!  She has put a lovely piccie of her ribbon vase one her bloggie 'specially for little ole moi! So looks like I am going to have to do one too :)

OK, not the worlds best picture I admit, and it was before just a few more were added, but not too bad for a beginner eh?

I have to admit that Mrs Dunnit is right on this one, I had tried all sorts of ways of storing ribbons, and guess what? 
This one WORKS!  Pins holding them onto cards just ripped unwary fingers open, than as it was fiddly trying to get them back on the card, they got abandoned......again! So every few weeks I ended up having to do an afternoons sorting, so that idea got squashed, then followed pots, well as I could not see into them I never knew what I was looking for or what I had, so that was a no go as well.
When I saw this vase of ribbons I fell in love and just HAD to get me one, well Miss Mouse got it really hee hee, best thing she has done this year IMHO.

So Thanks Julia, and Katy, I loves my ribbon vase :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Right, having a go at a bit of redecorating, and it is not going all that well!  Going to have to get some advice me thinks lol.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miss Mac is up and running!

Well, I got me this Mac you see......................

Taken me a while to find my way around her, but I think I am getting there :)

Mr PC has been banished to the other side of the room to stop me using him and to force me to get used to using Miss Mac. I have managed to transfer all of my pictures and documents, moved all of my favourites AND put them into proper folders so I can find them all again, now all I got to do is master the photo suite and I will be away with a mixer......... or the fairies lol.  No idea yet how I am going to master resizing pictures to get them onto the www as Miss Mac does not have Microsoft Paint, but there must be a way, and if I don't find it I will ask the lovely people on UKS, they are the font of all knowledge :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Girl Today

I had a nice surprise yesterday, I won some blog candy! A lovely selection of pinkly girly scrapping goodies! This is the person who always has a go, but does not usually win anything, so I am a happy girl today :)
In fact so happy was I that I went to that famous Swedish shop and got a new kitchen table and chairs :)
We spent so long there I was late sending in the destructions, sorry, instructions for tomorrows class, here is what we will be doing tomorrow

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year, New Beginnings

I am now totally determined that I am going to be a good blogger. I have gone to the trouble to start a blog, so I might as well get to grips with it :)

Family is growing, I now have two gorgeous Granddaughters, Katy and Evie, there will probably be loads of tales from them to come. The boys are doing OK, DH is doing brilliantly and I am........well, that same as always really!

Katy does not look very happy in this picture, she could not understand why I wanted to hold Evie first! She did get a little hold of her later and was tickled pink :)

One of the things I intend to do with this blog, is to keep a record of the classes I do throughout the year. I need to be more organised! And as anyone who knows me will be able to confirm, I think the "O" word should be banned! It is a BAD word.

Well a bit of housework is needed here, These were last weeks cards. I diamond top card with ribbon flowers. The girls saw the sewing needles come out and I thought I was going to be lynched! They should have known that after my last attempts at getting them to sew, I would not do anything that would cause myself physical injury. Luckily, they all liked the finished result.