Thursday, June 04, 2009

That Time Again

Time for more cards.  Why oh why are waterfall cards proving so difficult to do?  This will be the 3rd or 4th time we have done them! Everyone seems to be happy when in class, the penny drops and all is well, but as soon as they get home, all sense and reason goes out the window!

I remember all to well when I was about 13 trying to get my head around a math problem, no matter how my Mother explained it to me, it was as clear as mud. I was able to solve it, with her beside me, guiding me, but as soon as I was left to my own devices, there it was ........ gone!  So I well understand the problem of a total mental block, but group mental block? Never heard of the phenomenon before, must be a bad teacher lol.

So this week, I have written out the instructions differently. Solving my math mental block involved someone else having a go at getting the information into my poor brain, and however it was done, probably just using different words, it worked. So I am trying that this week. If it does not happen, I am just going to admit defeat and move on, never to do waterfall cards with this class again.   Don't 'ya just hate admitting defeat though?

I have been a very bad girl, and bought some more stamps, LLB ones, they are just scrummy. Yes, I know I need stamps like I need a hole in the head, but as I had saved £10 worth of stamps from the Paper Mill Shop, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss :) As usual, I have not used them yet, but I know I will .......... won't I?

Mrs Dunnit has posed a good idea on her blog, show your work in progress, do I want my slovenly habits to be aired to all?  Not sure, but in theory it is a good idea. I have admitted to being a slob when crafting, see earlier post showing pictures of said craft space, mind you, if I am crafty with the cropping of photos, I might just get away with it, I could cut out all the mess and maybe, just maybe pretend that the desk and surrounding area is a haven of peace and tranquility ......... in my dreams!


Lyn said...

I am sure it can't possibly be yourteaching, ffrog. You must have discovered a new phenomenon - perhaps the recent surprise mini heatwave got to everyone? I have never done a waterfall card and wouldn't know where to start.

MORE stamps??? Are they catelogued yet?!

Hmmmmm, my desk was clear yesterday - all the sneezing has frightened my mojo away :(

misteejay said...

MORE STAMPS...okay, when do you move out to make room for them LOL (not that I believe you have very many *rollseyes*).

I agree, sometimes it takes a different approach - hope all goes well with the waterfalls this time.

Toni :o)

Julia Dunnit said...

Ohno Ffrog...I wanna see all the glory! As for your teaching skills - not in question..have you checked the beverages?!!