Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowing ..... again

Not a lot admittedly, but enough to make it not a nice day to go out. This is what we woke up to this morning. A nice sprinkling that has frozen overnight :(

I had been wanting to go into town today, but the effort it will take just is not worth the effort of clearing, so I am going to put the heating on, grab the lap top and a dvd and go out to my workroom and probably sulk. When I have done that, about 2.5 minutes (I don't do sulking very well!) I am going to have a Valentine's card making session.

It is No 1 Son's Birthday today, so Happy Birthday Son x x. Of course he will not read this, and I cannot say it to him personally as he is away with his Girlfriend, what newly 30 year old wants his Mother along for the ride? Well, not yet 30 as officially he is not 30 until 4.40 this afternoon.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


OK, I know I am late with this one ............ AGAIN! I do have an excuse though, my Mum has been here for the last 6 weeks and as anyone who knows her will confirm, paper crafting is not a craft, it is just playing with bits of paper and making a mess. She has now gone home again, so I can ........... well ............ PLAY!
This morning was playtime and as I had the house to myself, and was waiting for a phone call, I could not really use my craft room, so I made a mess of the kitchen table, closer to the kettle anyway! This is my take on a lovely card in Making Cards.
I did not have the die cut sheet, so I improvised!
Punches and a pair of scissors are fantastic :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

First Trotting ? ? ?

Just imagine the scene, sitting at my computer reading blogs and enjoying a few quiet minutes (OK, an hour maybe) to myself. I looked out of the window because a movement caught my eye and what did I see? Well ..................

............. a PIG! Now I have heard of first footing, but first trotting?

She was quite a beauty, stopped by to see if there was any food going, and drank the cats water, then she was off again.

Sausages anyone?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Year ......... NO Resolutions!

Well here we are at another year. Christmas was lovely, a real Family affair this year. Both Sons here, Step-Daughter, Daughter-in-Law, GrandDaughter and Mother, so it was lovely.
No 2 Son has had another Birthday (29) and we had, what is becoming tradition, a meal out with friends.

Then there has been the snow! Boy! Has there been snow! The photo above was taken on the 20th December, not a very good picture as I had to try and snap it through the windscreen, but the little blobs you can see in the road are phesants .............. traffic jam Hillsborough style!

This next one was taken yesterday and shows that, yes, it is still snowing and the drive is an ice skating rink. I am housebound. Starting to get a little stir crazy, but I have no washing or ironing, my wardrobe has been cleaned out and a big bag of things for the Charity Shop is sitting waiting for me to be able to get to it, the kitchen cupboards are all nice and tidy and those bottles of miscellaneous things that are probably
harbouring something potentially lethal have all been discarded.

My house is the cleanest it has been for ages, but I am BORED! I want to be able to go out! It is even too cold to go and sit for long in my lovely haven, my workshop. It is even too cold to sit for too long in the house, we are considering lighting the fire for this evening as I am sure I saw a brass monkey looking for a welder in the bathroom this morning.
This is was we woke up to this morning, freezing fog that has hung around all day, so no wonder the outside temp has not gone above minus 2 all day.