Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting There

I am happy to report that me weekend has not been wasted! This is what I have managed so far. The bottom pillowcases, quilt cover and curtains. I has a bit of a panic today when I could not remember what I had been told about doing the Oxford pillowcases and had to go trundling up to Dolly Traybake's house to get personal tuition this evening, but all worked out well and I am now back on track, and she got into the action too by cutting out and doing most of the sewing of a runner and two velvet pillows for decoration. A bit of finishing off to do and i will be able to show the room in most of it's glory. I am not going to have time to do the painting, so the bright blue walls are going to have to stay for now. There are just not enough hours in the day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Anyone who knows me will know that this is the MOST unlikely WOYWW for me. Yes that is a sewing machine, and yes, those are two HUGE bolts of fabric. I am hoping to turn them into bedding and curtains for one of the spare bedrooms.

It is all Dolly Traybakes fault. She is the fabric Queen, and when she was here last week I made the fatal mistake of showing her the fabric stash that I have hidden in the barn. Totally fatal!

The idea had been that she would fall in love with some of it, take it home and turn it into something fabulous dahling. Sorta didn't quite happen like that! She knows that I have been itching to do something about the furnishings and decoration of said bedroom and what evented was that I would make bed linen, bolsters and curtains.

So far I am amazed at myself, I have made two pillowcases, and they look like pillowcases! (they are the striped material) The patterned fabric sitting waiting for me to continue, is the curtains, apparently they are going to be box lined (whatever that is) with the blue fabric still all nicely wrapped up. This has to be taken into the sitting room to be unrolled, measured and cut, hopefully this time without managing to slice my finger open with the metal measure! I have my notes, I understand them and I am ready to carry on. Wish me luck!