Thursday, May 28, 2009

WHOO Another Post!

Like waiting for a bus isn't it? wait ages for one then two come together :)

These are what I ended up with for class, shrink plastic elements on pink and black card. Playing was fun, and somewhat messy. I wanted to find out if using embossing powder would work, answer........sorta! 
 When put straight onto the plastic, the static held some on, and it looked good when heated, but there was quite a film of powder left on the desk, so I decided to Versamark it first, then lightly sprinkled powder on, remembering that the plastic is going to shrink and the area is going to be smaller when done, so I carefully sprinkled on a fine mist of powder and heated. Hmmmmmmm not too good unless you like the grungy look, which I do by the way!
Even the lightest sprinkling of powder made quite a puddle that would not stay on the plastic, good look for some things, but not the nice clean look I had been aiming for, so attempt no 3.

This time I thought, well, as the powder was not working, what about ink?

Pink and lightning black went well with the colors I was using, so I inked straight onto the plastic and heated..........voila!  It worked!

Now I needed something else to give another look, so this time my hand fell onto some mesh I just happened to have handy (OK, someone near Birmingham will know me better then that, it was handy because I had not put it away) and inked through it, not taping it down, so it moved a bit when inking, not clean lines, but I think a bit funky none the less :)  I am going to stamp a mini birdy greeting onto it, but they are in the shop, so I will have to wait to do that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have been told off

I have been bad again, not posting, so I thought that a few photos would not be a bad thing. Monday was my Birthday, so M and Miss K came down on Sunday, and we had a lovely day at Exploris in Portaferry, but as is my want, we were early, so early that we had time to go play on the ferry, Miss K's first proper trip on a big boat.  

She loved the fish, and I think it must be genetic, she is an avid photographer already! So now, not only am I not usually to be seen without a camera, she is following in my footsteps!  

Dinner was at the Thai that is becoming the place we go for  family dinners (they have fish there as well :)) The banquet is what we go for, no thinking about what to have, and what goes with what, it all just arrives!  Good food, chicken and sweetcorn soup and lashings of green tea, never before have I seen a little person enjoy green tea as much as she does!

She even has her own mini sized soup spoon!  The girls there spoil her something rotten, she was the only one to get sprinkles on her ice cream.
The ride home was just too much for some :)

I was spoilt on Monday too, lunch and shopping with friends, bits of stash were bought, then lunch and presents :)  Then more shopping and coffee at Dunelm Mill, I love that place!  The gerberas are just perfect for pulling apart and putting onto scrapbook pages and cards.

I am playing with shrink plastic again for the first time in months, it is funny how you forget how much fun, and how exasperating it is! The playing has been fun, but now I have to put it all together in a card, now that is the hard bit, the ideas I have running around my cranium like demented white mice, will just not fuse into something that I am happy with. Time to walk away and think about something else.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wet :(

It is not nice here this weekend, I was hoping to get the garden into some kind of order whilst visitors are in Donegal, but it just is not going to happen. The weeds are starting to appear in the cracks in the concrete, the lawns are going to be a challenge for a goat soon, and as for the shrub boarder, well the least said and all that sort of thing!  Looks like tomorrows intended trip to Mount Stewart is going to be a washout too, craft and garden fair. The craft fair is normally a bit pants, but the garden bit is usually well up to standard with lots of plants to be got :) Just not nice trudging round in pouring rain.

After last weeks gorgeous weather, it is a bit of a letdown, so just going to have to craft instead. When we were in the Dungannon area, I just happened to mention that the Linen Green had a lovely cafe/restaurant for lunch, and would you believe it, a craft shop! It would have been rude not to go in wouldn't it?  So new Bo Bunny and some gorgeous papers that I have no idea who made, later, I was happy, why is it that paper shopping pleases me so much, while food/clothes shopping does not?

To add to my stock of things got to be altered, yes I know I have a lot, but three glazed shadow boxes from a Charity Boutique for £3 was just too much of a bargain to resist. I know what I want to do with one of them, so the other two will have to go into the store cupboard for a while :) I should stop going to these places, but they are like a magnet to me, I love rootling around in them.  More often than not, I do leave with nothing, but the thought that the thing I really need, but maybe do not know it yet, is just waiting there for me, is just too hard to resist.

The cards at the top of the post are the ones we did last Thursday night, as usual, a lot of complaints when making it, but also as usual, amazement and delight when it all came together, sometime I wonder why I bother!  Should I just let them all sit in their comfort zones and puddle along? Then I think about how much fun it is to get the grey matter working and the answer is a resounding NO, especially as I have not actually managed to frighten any of them away yet :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Week!

OK, so what happened to my post!  I am sure I left it here this morning!

Ah well, better start again :)  What a Week!  I have had my Mother and two of her friends staying for a few days, feels like weeks! Don't get me wrong, I usually love having people to stay, but two deaf women and a moany Mother are sometimes, more than a body can stand.
The two ladies have been lovely, mostly, but having to shout about where we are and what is there, from the front of an Espace, while they are trying to hear over the sound of the engine, is not easy, but we managed :)
The one thing I do "on purpose" according to my Mother is drive too fast deliberately to "throw passengers around the car" at 40-50 mph. No one needs to drive faster than 35-40 mph, anywhere, at any time, for any reason! Try is in a car with 6 forward gears sometime, it is not easy lol.

Anyway, we have had some spectacular weather, sunshine all the way, quite a feat for Northern Ireland let me tell you :) Pictures will follow when I do the LO's.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cosmic Shimmer

Been playing with Cosmic Shimmer Mists, what a mess!  But great fun. I think the blue one I have is faulty as whenever I try and mix it, I should go outside to do it, everything in a wide radius gets splattered!  
It does seem to be quite "blobby" too, fine for total coverage, but not so good for a fine misting, even from a distance of about 3 feet, then that gets the surrounding area too. Not too bad on a good day when you can go outside to spray, but not so good in the winter, or if like me, you craft upstairs.
I am sure that more colors are in the pipeline, but for the girly girls, there is no pink, yet. The colors suit me as I prefer the more muted palette the Aqua Lagoon is amazing, I can see I will use this quite a bit, but maybe not as much as Jazz Blue Tattered Angels.
Overall, I would say they are a hit, but I am, and probably always will be a Tattered Angels Gal!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Yesterday's Haul

I was a good girl yesterday and did some scrapping!  3 LO's in total and a few more cards.

This is 3 Bugs in a Rug paper, K&Co Amy Butler die cuts and a bit 
of trim that I got in a lovely scrap shop in Dungannon.

The next two are both Fancy Pants Summer Soiree. The first one I have not done a lot to as the paper is so patterned, I mounted the photo onto some scraps of Bazzill and added a few gems and a journaling stamp.

The second is an overlay, which when put onto the white card, did not show up the swirls very well, so I Stickled them! This too I did not do a lot more to, besides using some blossoms, anchoring the overlay and background card together with the brads.
We are off to market today, the forecast rain has not materialised, so it is off up the mountain for us today. Whoever thought that putting a market on top of a mountain was a good idea needs their head examined! It can be glorious down where the real people live, but you still need hats, coats and scarves to go to Nutts Corner Market, all except maybe two weekends a year. I have not been there for years now, but for some reason best known only to Himself, we are going there today ............ wish me luck!

Saturday, May 02, 2009


I have promised fellow teamie that I will show what a slob that I am when crafting, so those of a delicate disposition, please stop reading now!

Exhibit A

I am not a tidy crafter, as I think I have mentioned befo
re, and that is the proof, I do get the JCB in sometimes, and here is the evidence, Lyn, savour it as it does not look like this most of the time lol.

Exhibit B

The day is bright and sunny here, and it is National Scrapbooking Day, will you be scrapping or crafting today? I hope to be, but M has other ideas, they are not supposed to include me, but whenever he gets involved in a spot of DIY it always does. Todays job is the overflow pipe in the upstairs loo, it is ........ well ........ overflowing! 
I have a friends number handy as for someone who trained as an accountant, my dearest beloved is not at home doing DIY, and said friend's husband is a builder lol Enough said.