Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WOYWW I am liking this!

It is Wednesday again, so you and I know what that means .......... messy desk time again. This week, I think I am getting back to normal again, that and I have not been able to settle to doing any one thing these last few days so there are several projects on the go today.

So what do we have this week?

This weeks card for class, there is
only one this week as Steph has done one herself she wants to do, and it will be our last week for the summer, so tomorrow night is party night!

The mess in the middle is a loo roll inner book I am working on for Miss K's "Year at Nursery" she is starting big school in August. The nursery t
ook photos over the year and gave all the leavers a cd with their pictures on it, so I swiped it and copied it! I love these mini books as they are good and sturdy and lots of pictures and journaling can be added. Good for a yackety yack like me lol.

If you look really carefully beside the card, there are some beads that I was faffing with, I used a lovely stamp that I also swiped, but this time from our own Mrs Dunnit, she was generous enough to share stamps with us when we were lucky enough to be able to visit her in her own habitat. It is the long skinny stamp at the bottom left beside the ink pads. You will have to peer closely though as they are tiny!
Hmm .......... what else? Yes Mrs D, I have been working on the pringles tube project, there is a little movement there, it now has a window! Been lined with pages from an old book and painted gold. Now I am trying to decide on the right stamp for the ticket collector I am going to put inside. So far all the ones I have considered have not been "right"
While I was painting the tube, I also painted the mannequin, why I hear you ask? Good question, I have no idea whatsoever!

The red fabric on the right is a mini quilt ......... ish A piece of red felt with odds and sods sewn onto it! Yes you heard me right, SEWN! I actually got a needle and thread out and did some sewing instead of reaching for the glue and glossy accents. Another project that I have no idea why I made it except that it seemed like a good idea at the time lol.

I have heard that tkmax have got Sketchers in, and as those of you who know me will know, I am a bit of a fan of them, so at less than £20 a pair, I feel the need for a trip into Lisburn this morning :)


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Ffrog, you seem to work tidy to me - very orderly and no clippings or crap anywhere (have you seen mine!!) Love what's happening withthe pringles tube and although I have no understanding of how you're going to use a toilet roll middle for an album, I'm sure it'll be fab!!

misteejay said...

Now this is starting to look more like "ffroggie's" space LOL

Very pretty card.

Toni :o)

Lyn said...

Good gravy, Ffrog - that's what I call multi tasking! Just exactly HOW many projects do you have on the go at once? LOL!

Love the colours on the card and the mini quilt is fab - extra impressed at you sewing as well - you will be making your own clothes at this rate. Glad to see our Dolly N is having a good influence on you!

Angie said...

Love the card ... such vibrant colours.
So many projects ... I can sometimes cope with two but one is safest for me.
Your desk looks very orderly to me ... not at all messy. Try a little harder next time lol

LadyBug said...

Good grief!!! thats a tidy desk for so many projects going on in one space. you really are multi craft-tasking there girl! I have to say watch out you don't get a head rush taking your photos from so high up!!! your desk looks great like that but i worry about you not doing a risk assessment before standing on a chair ;) (sorry from a very RA heavy work place) ;)
Great desk and post!!

Mrs Elmo said...

You have some lovely pieces on the go. Though I must say your desk looks very tidy compared to the mess I make for just one card hehe