Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Cards

It appears to be that time of the week again, these are the cards I will be doing tonight for class. ANOTHER Waterfall Card and a Diamond Card that I found on 'tinternet, if I could remember who's it was i would willingly give credit, but it was when i was wandering around YouTube ........ say no more lol.

Waterfall Cards seem to give this lovely Class of mine problems, This will be the third time I have done them! I don't think it is my teaching, could be though! I hope it is just like me trying to learn some things many moons ago at school when I drove some teachers to distraction not being able to "get it" then all of  a sudden it just "clicked".

The little Diamond Card is so cute, and when you follow the instructions properly, easy to do and soooooooooo effective, and when folded down, fits into a 4" square envelope.

My poor craft space looks like the aftermath of a rather bad war. Every piece of kit that I have is out on the desk or the shelf beside it. I am trying to put together a portfolio (big word for me!) for an interview!  Sometime soon I could be a part time lecturer in card making!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Land

A whole day with no appointments and no plans .............. bliss!   So what am I doing with this unexpected time? Am I getting ready for a nice day in town? Am I doing housework so the weekend will be free? Am I Crafting up a storm? 
No, I am reading blogs!  Sometimes it is nice to spend some time actually reading the blogs I follow, properly, instead of scanning them and deciding I can go back to them and have a good read later. I have even used the blog links on them to go off on a wander into cyber land, and it has been great! I know there are a lot of superbly talented people out there, but I never seem to MAKE the time to go look for them.

Now I have so many ideas buzzing around, I should do something about it, but am I going to? Probably not. Another coffee and off into cyber land again lol.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Has it been a week?

Falling into bad habits again!  Must do better!

These are the cards we will be doing this week at class, I am just so in love with Nestabilities!  At the moment, all I have are the scalloped ovals set for frames, so somewhere near the top of my shopping list are some more of the shapes. I am liking them all though, so will have to decide which ones will be the most used as the shopping list is frightening right now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I really must do better! Indoors for nearly a week and no blogging!  I have taken some pictures though, the snow was amazing and at one stage I thought we were going to be totally snowed in, I was not disappointed when we were!

Now the snow has finally stopped, we are greeted each morning with ............... fog! It really is just as well that I have always had a "thing" about keeping the freezer well stocked.

This weekend was the great UK Scrappers Cyber Crop. I didn't get as involved as I would have liked to do, shoveling snow had to take priority, but did some of the classes and a few of the challenges

This was a lovely class by Taniwha aka Rachel, using bubble wrap to paint a background.    I love it.

I used a picture of Evie, all wrapped up for an outing and cropped very close.

This one was a
 challenge. Use lace. I think I went a bit overboard, but I sort of like it .

This one is a class by Ifa. I didn't have a lot of the things that she used, so I improvised and used hers as inspiration. I will go back and do more of this one though, with the masks and watercolouring as it was a lovely technique.

As you can see, these are real Fun-ghi's  ............. I know, 'groan'. Another one that I sort of went off track with.
Laura Godfrey was the designer for this one and she used beads for the web in the bottom right corner, I used stickles as I made a bit of a mess of the inking and had to do a rescue on it.

And finally, the one that is so far out of my "comfort zone" that I am amazed that I did it! 
Bright, bright colours and more gems than I have ever used on a LO before!

This was another challenge, use an old favourite, well I bought the paper AGES ago at Birmingham, why I will never know except that I thought it was pretty and there it has sat on the shelf ever since, so the time had come to actually use it.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Well, I am going to be a bit more careful about what I wish for.

Wanting a photo opportunity and getting a day of near blizzards are two totally different things. I was a bit silly when I thought that a bit of nice snow overnight (so I took take a few nice pictures) that would conveniently melt by lunchtime just did not happen. 

We woke up to a good inch of snow, and it was still falling. So being the good child I am I set to with the snow shovel and salt/grit
 mix. I had to go out, well try to go out! As I had a dentist appointment, so Katy and I braved the weather and off we went. By mid afternoon you could not see where I had shoveled!

This is the lane, actually very pretty in the summer! 
But "interesting" in a snow storm :) Nice slow driving called 
for here.

This last one is of the trees at the top of our drive, very pretty, and no I did not stop to take them, I got Katy to take them for me, clever Ffroggie!

I have been asked if I use Flicker! Up until now I have not, but I think I might go and investigate :)  If these poor tired out bones will hold me up a little longer.

Monday, February 02, 2009

I am trying to be a good blogger, so I have downloaded the pictures I took yesterday instead of leaving them on my camera until I can't remember where I took them :)

It was VERY cold yesterday, but the snowdrop walk was fantastic! We even took the time to renew our National Trust memberships, so there should be no excuse not to go to some of the lovely houses and events that I see are planned for the coming year.

The first picture was taken at the start of the Lime Walk, a run of pleached Lime trees with a drainage ditch running along side it, it was just a carpet of beautiful snowdrops.

The second picture is a shot looking down the length of the Lime Walk. M
ost of the snowdrops are not properly out yet, so when they are, they are going to be a real picture, and if we do not get the weather forecast, I might get back down again to take some more pictures as the daffodils are nearly ready to flower too.

As you do, we met some lovely walkers, one was a little cutie about 18 months old, who very seriously told me that I had to shut the gate behind me, so, alright says I, I will remember. "Good girl" says little cutie, "you go play in the 'venture park now" says she. Had me in stitches!

Here is one that Miss Mouse took of me that I did not know about until we got home, she claims that it is one that anyone who knows me will recognise! Me lying on the ground in the freezing cold to take a picture of a flower that has interested me! Well the cheek of it!

The hat was lovely and warm though lol.

One last one, just because I like it. One perfect snowdrop.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

No Photo's Today

I had all these plans to actually get pictures taken and onto here, but as usual, things have gone a tad pear shaped!
Instead of being a good blogger, I am going to go to The Argory in Co Tyrone to try and take some nice pictures of the snowdrops :) You never know, I might even get some uploaded here.

The Argory is a beautiful National Trust property, and if ever you are on a visit here, you should try and fit a few of the houses into your holiday plans.

Well here's hoping that I do not get stuck in a snow storm on the way home :)