Wednesday, June 10, 2009


OK, here goes, I had forgotten about this, all that expectation, and I go and forget!  

I was working on a project last night that had me in a right mess, but as it was finished, and there was nowt on the telly, I tidied up! So unlike me!

As it was naked, I decided to wait until I had something to show, the project in making are the cards for tomorrow night, mens cards, one is a stamp and paint one, and the second will be paper piecing.  
As you will be able to see, I like to be surrounded by all the things I use most often, inks, tools, pens, my beloved George and my bits drawers.
If you look further than the desk, you will be able to see that the field next door is being spread, yep, can't ya just smell the "fresh" country air?!


Julia Dunnit said...

Coo lovely pong! Great photo how tidy! Like the pieced waistcoat. Love the little bucket load of dewdrops! Yum. This is sooo interesting!

Lyn said...

And there was me with a pile of brown paper bags ready for the forewarned hyperventilation attack ...... I'm not at all disappointed, I'm impressed!

Great view too, Ffrog - I could sit and daydream outta that window and not craft! Mind you, I do get a good view of T's flat-topped conifers out of mine.

misteejay said...

ope the pong isn't too strong LOL

That desk is way too tidy.

Toni :o)