Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not quite WOYWW!

Having been away for a long weekend in Birmingham, shopping, shopping, shopping and shopping, I have nothing to show for WOYWW, so as I promised to show OCD Dolly the cake I made for GrandDaughter's birthday, I thought today would be as good a day as any :)
It was made by me, and most of the decoration was done by me (with a little help from Tray Bake Dolly) OK, so it was not technically on my work desk as it actually took over the whole of the kitchen, but I am still proud of it :) Pink and glittery though it is!
There was a phone call a couple of weeks before her Birthday and I was asked, in a way that only little girls can do when they would like something, to make her cake, so not being either a baker or cake maker, I hedged and asked what she wanted. Tangled came the reply, tangled? Does not compute, seems it is Rapunzel. Ok thinks I, round cakes piled on top of each other and a small figure looking out of a window, easy (ish), so I agree to make it. THEN I discover that what is really wanted is the FIGURE of Rapunzel! EEEEEEEK!!!!! Several heart attacks later I calm down enough to ring Tray Bake Dolly to find out how on earth I am going to get myself out of this pickle, once again she saved my bacon and GrandDaughter thinks that Nan is marvelous :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012