Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cards Time Again

Well, another week gone by. Where did it go? I am sure I miss a few days here and there!

I could not even take another photo of my desk to please those of you who know just how messy I can be as I was only bagging up finished cards tonight, but I am sure that I will not disappoint next week.
These are the cards that will grace the table tomorrow, two mens cards. They are the ones that get asked for the most, oh yes, I forgot Moomins, (least said about those the better!) So mens cards it is then :)  One will be popular, the shirt one, but I know before I start that the boat one will not be, even though I have even done a template for the pieces for those who want to use it, there will be ranting and much gnashing of teeth before bed time tomorrow night!

They will be dragged out of their comfort zones, kicking and screaming if need be!

Edited to add, why is it that some photos will "open up" and some will not? I don't do anything to them, so why oh why does blogger do this to me?


misteejay said...

Both are fab ffroggie - hope there is not too much gnashing of teeth.

Toni :o)

Lyn said...

Love both cards, T :D

Hmmm, dunno the answer to the photograph thingy cos I noticed Jules didn't. Mine did, but that was more by luck than judgement :(

Enfys said...

Both are great men't cards. I agree, Mr Blogger can be very awkward...
Have a great weekend,
En x