Friday, June 26, 2009

Look What I Got!

A TOOT and a WOW for Lyn here, have you seen what she has made for me? A new header! Now I am not bright enough to work out how to get rid of the funny color background on it, but aint it FAB! She actually sent ne three new headers, so I will get around to using them all at one time or another, but his one is just so, so, so! Well you get the idea lol.

I just love it when those in the know share their abilities with the technologically challenged of us. Thank You Lyn, I love my new Ffroggie header :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WOYWW I am liking this!

It is Wednesday again, so you and I know what that means .......... messy desk time again. This week, I think I am getting back to normal again, that and I have not been able to settle to doing any one thing these last few days so there are several projects on the go today.

So what do we have this week?

This weeks card for class, there is
only one this week as Steph has done one herself she wants to do, and it will be our last week for the summer, so tomorrow night is party night!

The mess in the middle is a loo roll inner book I am working on for Miss K's "Year at Nursery" she is starting big school in August. The nursery t
ook photos over the year and gave all the leavers a cd with their pictures on it, so I swiped it and copied it! I love these mini books as they are good and sturdy and lots of pictures and journaling can be added. Good for a yackety yack like me lol.

If you look really carefully beside the card, there are some beads that I was faffing with, I used a lovely stamp that I also swiped, but this time from our own Mrs Dunnit, she was generous enough to share stamps with us when we were lucky enough to be able to visit her in her own habitat. It is the long skinny stamp at the bottom left beside the ink pads. You will have to peer closely though as they are tiny!
Hmm .......... what else? Yes Mrs D, I have been working on the pringles tube project, there is a little movement there, it now has a window! Been lined with pages from an old book and painted gold. Now I am trying to decide on the right stamp for the ticket collector I am going to put inside. So far all the ones I have considered have not been "right"
While I was painting the tube, I also painted the mannequin, why I hear you ask? Good question, I have no idea whatsoever!

The red fabric on the right is a mini quilt ......... ish A piece of red felt with odds and sods sewn onto it! Yes you heard me right, SEWN! I actually got a needle and thread out and did some sewing instead of reaching for the glue and glossy accents. Another project that I have no idea why I made it except that it seemed like a good idea at the time lol.

I have heard that tkmax have got Sketchers in, and as those of you who know me will know, I am a bit of a fan of them, so at less than £20 a pair, I feel the need for a trip into Lisburn this morning :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I should not be left alone!

See what happens when I am left on my own on a hot afternoon! I go a changing the layout, size, fonts and colors of my blog! I don't know about you, but I do find some blogs hard to read, especially in the evening when the poor eyes are tired.
Not sure about what I have done, but it will do for now. The great outdoors is a calling, rhubarb to be picked and if I am not careful, I just might find myself doing a spot of gentle weeding ......... or I might not!

You see, I have 3 magazines waiting to be read, and the seats in the front garden are just calling me to sit on them with a coffee and peruse the latest wisdom and utterings of those in the know.

Seeing as I am in a dangerous mood, I thought I would include a picture of two of the Dollies, L and N, scoffing marshmallows in the German Market in Birmingham. I know I am not going to be popular for posting this one, but hey ho! It's Summer at last and I am going outside to read :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Birthday Girl

Yesterday was Miss K's Birthday Party. This year Mummy and Daddy decided to have it in Cheeky Chimps, an indoor play park with slides and ball pits. A brilliant idea for the kids, but if you EVER have call to go to one, take your ear plugs!
And whatever else you do, do not encourage 14 children to throw the plastic balls at you lol

I am still trying to find a way of storing clear stamps that actually works for me, I have put them onto card and stored them in a file folder, but as the folder is not within reach, they have to be kept on the bookshelf, I find I really only use the ones that I have out.
So then I started using a photo file that was given to me. Great I thought, this will be a lot easier as it is a lot more portable, but still I was using the ones that were closer to hand, maybe the file was too tidy, out of sight, out of mind.
So at the moment, I am using a large square basket that they fit in loose and it is able to be stored where I can just reach out and flick through it. Not the most tidy of answers to the great clear stamp storage problem, but for now, until I think of anything else, it is sort of working for me.
How do you store your clear stamps?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Well it is that time of the week again, and no, I have not got a picture of tomorrow nights cards yet Katy, but if you look carefully on the desk you will see it :)

The postie has just been, and oh! What he brought me, Promarkers galore! I won't really have time to play with them before I go out this afternoon, but I will give it my best shot, as I also got stamped images from UKS Teamie Caryn (thanks Chick) of the sort of stamps that I have not been buying. Hers are soooooooo gorgeous, that I just have to have a go at them.

What else is there .......... well, the usual tools, inks, my huge peg that I use as a MUST remember to do something with this tomorrow, a half done project from Craft Stamper using painted and decorated Pringles tubes, a couple of cards also from UKS Teamies Lyn and Julia, my frog stamp that I use to 'sign' my cards with and of course, a cup of coffee lol.

I have really been enjoying looking into other peoples craft habits, nice to know that I am not the only messy crafter out there, not that I have shown the evidence of a marathon crafting session for WOYWW yet, but don't worry, it will happen!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Postie has been!

I have been a lucky girl today, no not the postie himself (he was wearing his shorts today and really should not!)  but what he brought. A gorgeous PIF from Mrs Dunnit. 

Edited to add: I had not made myself very clear this morning, must have been the excitement!  Here is what it said on Mrs Dunnit's blog
"The requirement is to spread a bit of fun really, and to undertake to send a small gift to five different people at some stage in the next year." 

A lovely little plaque that really made me LOL.
OK, blogger pictures are playing up again and it won't open. It says "To get back my youth I would do anything in the world. Except exercise Get up early or be respectable" Yep, I can live with that :)

Now I have to choose 5 people to PIf to, so here goes 

Please girls, get in touch and e-mail me your snail mail addresses so I can pay it forward :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cards Time Again

Well, another week gone by. Where did it go? I am sure I miss a few days here and there!

I could not even take another photo of my desk to please those of you who know just how messy I can be as I was only bagging up finished cards tonight, but I am sure that I will not disappoint next week.
These are the cards that will grace the table tomorrow, two mens cards. They are the ones that get asked for the most, oh yes, I forgot Moomins, (least said about those the better!) So mens cards it is then :)  One will be popular, the shirt one, but I know before I start that the boat one will not be, even though I have even done a template for the pieces for those who want to use it, there will be ranting and much gnashing of teeth before bed time tomorrow night!

They will be dragged out of their comfort zones, kicking and screaming if need be!

Edited to add, why is it that some photos will "open up" and some will not? I don't do anything to them, so why oh why does blogger do this to me?


OK, here goes, I had forgotten about this, all that expectation, and I go and forget!  

I was working on a project last night that had me in a right mess, but as it was finished, and there was nowt on the telly, I tidied up! So unlike me!

As it was naked, I decided to wait until I had something to show, the project in making are the cards for tomorrow night, mens cards, one is a stamp and paint one, and the second will be paper piecing.  
As you will be able to see, I like to be surrounded by all the things I use most often, inks, tools, pens, my beloved George and my bits drawers.
If you look further than the desk, you will be able to see that the field next door is being spread, yep, can't ya just smell the "fresh" country air?!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


OK, this is another brilliant idea by Mrs Dunnit. It is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. A bit of fun, nothing more.

Take a picture of your workdesk on Wednesday, hop on over to her blog and leave a comment, you can either use the link, or use the button, over there > > > > > > > better still, go snag it for yourself and just enjoy the fun. I will be on a mission to find out if there is anyone on the planet who is a more slobby crafter than I am :)  Who knows it might just encourage me to be tidier .......... hmmmmm not going to hold my breath on that one than lol.

M was out last night, being roadie for a friend with a band, one of the players, who usually carts all the equipment around for them, had the temerity to go on holiday! I mean, how thoughtless! So off to a castle in Newry it was, white van man to the rescue.
As he did not get in until about 4 this morning, and with the light mornings I tend to wake early, I decided to take myself off to a car boot, bad move, this of course was the day when ther were loads of things that I could use, so I had a bit of a party lol.

No pictures yet, but a list, copper jelly moulds, I know there is a use for these, I just have to find it! And at 40p each too much of a bargain to miss, a whole bag of broken jewelry that has lots of danglies on, an on the hob coffee maker, a kiddies game of bingo, for the cards of course! some prints I know will find a use for sometime,  two teddies that are going to become grungy bad attitude bears and a wooden screen in the shape of a row of houses, this is the purchase that I am most pleased with, before and after pics to follow.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Our Neighbours

The neighbours are home!  Yep, and they are real cows!  These lovely ladies will be resident for the summer now. I always know when "proper" summer has arrived when these lovelies mooooove in (sorry, couldn't resist that one. I will go and smack myself with the kipper).

The first cut of silage is done, then they get to go in, clean up the edges and enjoy the sunshine. Oh yes, and fertilise :)  I have not been quick enough to get the pheasant crash landing yet, but I am sure I will. I will have to remember to put the camera on sport mode though as the whole point is the landing. Coming in to land, legs down, wings up, slow it down, prepare for a delicate touch down and .......... oooooops to high! Too fast! legs not down enough ............. OH NO! CRASH and roll over and over, soooooo amusing, even better than last year when moving preciously mentioned cows, one went walk about and lad came to door, overalls and wellies, really looking like the farmer I am sure he is going to be, "please Mrs, can I have my cow back!"  You don't get that in the city lol.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

That Time Again

Time for more cards.  Why oh why are waterfall cards proving so difficult to do?  This will be the 3rd or 4th time we have done them! Everyone seems to be happy when in class, the penny drops and all is well, but as soon as they get home, all sense and reason goes out the window!

I remember all to well when I was about 13 trying to get my head around a math problem, no matter how my Mother explained it to me, it was as clear as mud. I was able to solve it, with her beside me, guiding me, but as soon as I was left to my own devices, there it was ........ gone!  So I well understand the problem of a total mental block, but group mental block? Never heard of the phenomenon before, must be a bad teacher lol.

So this week, I have written out the instructions differently. Solving my math mental block involved someone else having a go at getting the information into my poor brain, and however it was done, probably just using different words, it worked. So I am trying that this week. If it does not happen, I am just going to admit defeat and move on, never to do waterfall cards with this class again.   Don't 'ya just hate admitting defeat though?

I have been a very bad girl, and bought some more stamps, LLB ones, they are just scrummy. Yes, I know I need stamps like I need a hole in the head, but as I had saved £10 worth of stamps from the Paper Mill Shop, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss :) As usual, I have not used them yet, but I know I will .......... won't I?

Mrs Dunnit has posed a good idea on her blog, show your work in progress, do I want my slovenly habits to be aired to all?  Not sure, but in theory it is a good idea. I have admitted to being a slob when crafting, see earlier post showing pictures of said craft space, mind you, if I am crafty with the cropping of photos, I might just get away with it, I could cut out all the mess and maybe, just maybe pretend that the desk and surrounding area is a haven of peace and tranquility ......... in my dreams!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Crikey! I got an award! (or two)

Well, what do you know! I got 2 awards! Now the rules seem to be easy enough, and if the brain is working, I might be able to do this, we will see :)
Firstly I have to link back to the person who gave it to me, well that seems to be easy enough. This was done to me by the lovely Toni
Thanks chick :)  her wedding stationary has been amazing to watch as it was made, go on, go see!

Now I have to pass on to other crafters, this is not going to be easy, who to choose?  I follow some lovely blogs, all of which are deserving of awards but I can't pass on to all of them, so here is my list:

Phew! I think I have done it!  Now I have to give you all 10 facts about me. Not going to be easy this one, as I am not an interesting person at all lol.

1  I am a Heinz. English Mother, Italian Father living in Northern Ireland.
2  I am an avid crafter, cards, scrapbooking, crochet, knitting, paints, inks, gel mediums, you name it, I will give it a go, but show me a kitchen and I am lost.
3  I LOVE my camera!  Wherever I am, my trusty Canon is with me, and if you make faces, try to hide or do anything to make a "bad" picture, I will take it anyway and probably post it in the www. so beware!
4  I love my home. It took us about 5 years to find it, but it was worth the wait. In the middle of the Co Down countryside it is quite remote, but glorious.
5  I love my dog, she goes with me everywhere and is well known to all who know me.
6 I drive a Clio Dynamique, she is nippy and easy on fuel. Not only do I like the freedom that having wheels gives me, I would not ne able to live where I do without a car.
7  I like frogs!
8  I am useless with technology!  Paper and card is crafting, I do not understand digital crafting.
9  I hate being late, why wear a watch if you cannot tell the time! I don't wear a watch and can be on time, so why cant you?
10  I drink far too much coffee, strong and black please!

Now I have to add the Honest Scrap logo to my blog, bear with me, I am getting there!

Done it!  Well that took a lot longer than even I thought it would, so i am going to have to do the other award later, time for coffee, valium and a little lie down :)

I am back and properly fortified...............with caffine! Anything stronger and not only would I not be able to do this, but I would probably be asleep!

Here is the second award, also from Toni, and I have to pass this one on to 5 more people, some are going to be the same, as I try and restrict the blogs that i follow or I would be reading blogs all day, nothing wrong with that I hear you say, but crafting has to be done as well, and sometimes I do have to do the dreaded h/w!

There, that should be OK.  As it is a tad cooler here today, I need to go and do a spot of weeding, the downside of living surrounded by fields. The gorgeous grass that gets turned into milk by the lovely ladies that are my neighbours is not the nice fine stuff that I would prefer on my lawn, on the drive or in the one and only shrub bed that I have. Note I do not have flower beds as I am in no way a gardener, my only concession to garden tools are a sharp knife, a trowel and a ride on mower lol. I think there might be other things in the barn, but I am not sure and I don't really want to find out as I may be forced to admit that I have them and then use them!  Now that would NEVER do.