Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Day Late

But better late than never I always say! Well, here it is in all it's glory, not a lot this week as I have been messing around putting things in one place, then another, trying different chairs for comfort and building more storage :) I think I am nearly there now though so production can start in earnest (she says hopefully!) I have so much in my mind that I want to do and the one thing that I didn't think about was music, I don't actually have a small CD player to take over with me, so this is going to have to be remedied today, not that I HAVE to have music on all the time, I do like the peace and quiet, but it is nice to be able to if you want to, and the evenings are drawing in now, and there is something about background music in the darker evenings.

So what have I actually got on my desk this week? I am still faffing with bright coloured card as you can see, it just does not "speak" to me. While these two pieces were sitting waiting to be used, I did two Christmas cards, had another play with my Pringles House and shuffled things around, the card is still sitting there!

I am very pleased with the extension lead that you can see lolling around in my stamp basket. I have had two double sockets fitted to the sloping ceiling so that as I need to use anything that needs to be plugged in, I can do so without having leads trailing over the floor, just right for me to fall over. Not that I would be too worried about hurting myself (plenty of padding) but I would hate to damage equipment!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mojo, Mojo where for art thou Mojo?

Why is it when you cannot do something, or cannot have something you want to do it/have it all the more?

When the electrician was here I was raring to go, and when I thought the plumber was going to be here at half past silly this morning, I had ideas a plenty, but as soon as I have time and a space to work in, mojo goes a walking?

Mind you, having hayfever from Hell this afternoon does not help of course, but even so, you would think that I would be over in my lovely craft room instead of sitting here moaning wouldn't you? I even have lots of lovely corrugated cardboard to play with as we went to the Swedish shop yesterday to get my second Expedit unit so that the new radiator, when fitted, would fit in the space that I have allowed for it. I have been abandoned! Mojo has gone again.

I have used my lovely room though, as the picture at the top of this post shows, a cute little card using Hero Arts and Habico stamps, I saw the shape for this card in one of my too many magazines, that is something else that needs a good sort through. I don't like to chop magazines up, so I end up keeping the whole magazine if the is something in it I like. My half way through the year resolution, that I am just making now, is going to be to scan any articles that I like and pass the magazines forward!

There I have done something this afternoon, I do feel a lot better for that :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OK, I know I am late!

I have not been a good girl, I did not post WOYWW last week, but I think I have made up for it this week! Just goes to show, you give me a bigger space, I make a bigger mess!
This is the result of making some cards and a wedding invite, far too much mess for such a small output! But in my defence (if there is such a thing) I am still finding out where things have to live, so Cuttlebug has not found a permanent home yet, and electrician has STILL not been, so no sockets anywhere near the desk, plumber not coming until Monday, so things are still a little topsy turvey, OK, OK a lot topsy turvey :)

As to the dilemma of the clear stamps Julia, I have most of them in a photo holder thingy which I will let you see, just as soon as I find it! But the most used ones are in the turquoise basket you see sitting proudly in all it's untidy glory at the far end of the table. I am going to be re-doing this system, as I find that A5 folders are working best for me ATM, by maker, and odd ones by what they will be used for. Not a lot of use if you want to display them I know, but as you can see, I do not have much in the way of wall space in this room, I am up in the Gods here, sloping eaves and all.

The only down side to this arrangement is I now have no view to distract, sorry, inspire me. It is the old apple store on the mezzanine level of an old barn, but I am happy with it, and I appreciate the views a lot more when I do come out of my hidey hole .............. eventually!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Here we go again, another week gone by, but such a lot has happened in the last week! I have got me a new craft room for those of you who did not know this yet!
So now I have two dining tables to work on, the tables are sort of clear, well useful things on it, the box has my Nestabilitie dies in it, I was using them and no, I have not put them back on the shelf where they should belong yet!

Here is another view of the room, pan right!
And another one, pan left!
Yes, those are LO's on the desk, and yes I have finished them :) Started on Saturday and finished before the following weekend, must be a record!

I know it is not very tidy yet Mrs D, but I am getting there, honest :)

Up too late!

Is this tonight or tomorrow morning, I am sitting here at 1.20 in the morning knowing that i should be tucked up in my bed snoring! What am I doing instead .......... blogging!

I have been playing around with my new craft room, and I even finished the LO's that i did at Saturdays crop! Did I remember to take pictures before I came into the house? Course not! As I will be taking some in the morning for WOYWW they can wait till then. A bigger desk can only mean one thing more room to spread the muddles onto ;-)

Mrs Dunnit thinks she is the queen of procrastination, but I think I can give her a run for her money tonight. Tis the cricket season and I am waiting for Mr Ffrog to finish reading the teletext review of the days play, even though he has watched it, seen the highlights and kept up with what is going on on the radio during the day. What is it about sport that turns grown men into children? Is the result going to change the more reports you get of the game/match?

You see the bed needs made up and Mr Ffrog was asked to help at 7pm and I am still waiting and childish though it may be I am not going to fight with the duvet cover myself, again!

I am going to have to go and do it hough, my eyes are closing all by themselves, and if I do not crawl into bed soon, I will wake up sometime in the middle of the night with the imprint of the key board on my forehead!