Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Another lot of weeks gone by, where does all the time go to?
Well this week has been another get together day, with moi as host, so no one who knows me will be surprised to know that we made mini books, from file folders that M didn't know he had lying around, well I hope he didn't know, as he now has quite a few less than he did before we started transforming them! The idea came from Cloth Paper Scissors and as is usually the way, all turned out differently, and of course, gorgeous! Then before we knew it, time bet us and it was 4.30 in the afternoon. Not bad from a 10.30 am start lol.

J did exceptionally well as she is not a paper crafter and was totally chuffed with her book, so much so that she even brought it to our textile class tonight to show it off! Hers is the one on the right using BG Periphery papers. L by this time had darted off to collect children from the school run, so her book will have to be shown another time.