Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Week!

OK, so what happened to my post!  I am sure I left it here this morning!

Ah well, better start again :)  What a Week!  I have had my Mother and two of her friends staying for a few days, feels like weeks! Don't get me wrong, I usually love having people to stay, but two deaf women and a moany Mother are sometimes, more than a body can stand.
The two ladies have been lovely, mostly, but having to shout about where we are and what is there, from the front of an Espace, while they are trying to hear over the sound of the engine, is not easy, but we managed :)
The one thing I do "on purpose" according to my Mother is drive too fast deliberately to "throw passengers around the car" at 40-50 mph. No one needs to drive faster than 35-40 mph, anywhere, at any time, for any reason! Try is in a car with 6 forward gears sometime, it is not easy lol.

Anyway, we have had some spectacular weather, sunshine all the way, quite a feat for Northern Ireland let me tell you :) Pictures will follow when I do the LO's.


Julia Dunnit said...

YOU are a saint! I think you should throw them about a bit in the car - gives them a hysterical edge when they're talking about their trip!!!!!!!

Lyn said...

LOL,T, and even more visuals to my Gallery! I still worry about the locals and now I envision them being mown down by a raucous Espace!!