Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I have been told off

I have been bad again, not posting, so I thought that a few photos would not be a bad thing. Monday was my Birthday, so M and Miss K came down on Sunday, and we had a lovely day at Exploris in Portaferry, but as is my want, we were early, so early that we had time to go play on the ferry, Miss K's first proper trip on a big boat.  

She loved the fish, and I think it must be genetic, she is an avid photographer already! So now, not only am I not usually to be seen without a camera, she is following in my footsteps!  

Dinner was at the Thai that is becoming the place we go for  family dinners (they have fish there as well :)) The banquet is what we go for, no thinking about what to have, and what goes with what, it all just arrives!  Good food, chicken and sweetcorn soup and lashings of green tea, never before have I seen a little person enjoy green tea as much as she does!

She even has her own mini sized soup spoon!  The girls there spoil her something rotten, she was the only one to get sprinkles on her ice cream.
The ride home was just too much for some :)

I was spoilt on Monday too, lunch and shopping with friends, bits of stash were bought, then lunch and presents :)  Then more shopping and coffee at Dunelm Mill, I love that place!  The gerberas are just perfect for pulling apart and putting onto scrapbook pages and cards.

I am playing with shrink plastic again for the first time in months, it is funny how you forget how much fun, and how exasperating it is! The playing has been fun, but now I have to put it all together in a card, now that is the hard bit, the ideas I have running around my cranium like demented white mice, will just not fuse into something that I am happy with. Time to walk away and think about something else.


Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely pics - and many happy returns ffrog! You're up for a PIF but you have to visit my blog!! Good wheeze huh!

misteejay said...

Many congrats ffroggie, hope you had a fab birthday. Did you get any nice goodies/stash?

Love the photos.

Toni :o)

Lyn said...

What do you mean it was you birthday Monday???? How did I miss that?! Many happy belated returns ffrog and sounds like you had a lovely time. Fab piccies :D