Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wet :(

It is not nice here this weekend, I was hoping to get the garden into some kind of order whilst visitors are in Donegal, but it just is not going to happen. The weeds are starting to appear in the cracks in the concrete, the lawns are going to be a challenge for a goat soon, and as for the shrub boarder, well the least said and all that sort of thing!  Looks like tomorrows intended trip to Mount Stewart is going to be a washout too, craft and garden fair. The craft fair is normally a bit pants, but the garden bit is usually well up to standard with lots of plants to be got :) Just not nice trudging round in pouring rain.

After last weeks gorgeous weather, it is a bit of a letdown, so just going to have to craft instead. When we were in the Dungannon area, I just happened to mention that the Linen Green had a lovely cafe/restaurant for lunch, and would you believe it, a craft shop! It would have been rude not to go in wouldn't it?  So new Bo Bunny and some gorgeous papers that I have no idea who made, later, I was happy, why is it that paper shopping pleases me so much, while food/clothes shopping does not?

To add to my stock of things got to be altered, yes I know I have a lot, but three glazed shadow boxes from a Charity Boutique for £3 was just too much of a bargain to resist. I know what I want to do with one of them, so the other two will have to go into the store cupboard for a while :) I should stop going to these places, but they are like a magnet to me, I love rootling around in them.  More often than not, I do leave with nothing, but the thought that the thing I really need, but maybe do not know it yet, is just waiting there for me, is just too hard to resist.

The cards at the top of the post are the ones we did last Thursday night, as usual, a lot of complaints when making it, but also as usual, amazement and delight when it all came together, sometime I wonder why I bother!  Should I just let them all sit in their comfort zones and puddle along? Then I think about how much fun it is to get the grey matter working and the answer is a resounding NO, especially as I have not actually managed to frighten any of them away yet :)


misteejay said...

Weather has been rather strange here ffroggie - rain, sun, wind now it looks like the rain is on its way back.

I know how you feel about the class - I had the same thoughts after Thursdays crop. I was teaching a mini star album. It didn't matter how many times I told them not to worry which way their folds went as we would sort them out after everything was scored & was still the repeat question of the evening "which way do I fold this..."

Lovely cards ffroggie, well done.

Toni :o)

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh shame that you'll have to stay in and craft....and yes T, it owuld have been rude not t, and rude you are not!