Thursday, March 05, 2009

More Cards

Another week gone by and I am still lagging behind.  Oh dear!

This week we will be doing a couple of cards that I find I quite like, one was a request from a lovely book by Truike Bron, full of page maps, and the other is another "new and interesting way to use envelopes" lol.

I do have some actual news this week, I have been for a job interview!  Not a real job type job you understand, but now I have been for the interview, I will be disappointed if I don't get it.  OK, here is what I will be ............ a part time lecturer!     In card making!   I had to take samples with me, so I took some of the ones I have done in class, along with class notes, and as I didn't have time to make all the ones I wanted to, I also took along some of the mini books I have made. These had a lot of the techniques I like doing in them.
They loved the cards, but went bananas over the books!  There was even talk of a course for them if it could be wangled, so hopefully this is a good sign?
If I am going to hear from them, it will be in about a week, so fingers and all else crossed. If anyone reads this drivel, please cross your fingers for me :)


Enfys said...

Oh the job sounds so exciting, I am sure you will get it, sounds as if they loved your work, and who wouldn't. Fingers and toesies crossed for you
Enfys xx

♥ Marlou ♥ said...

Hi T, your cards are looking great , love the dotty paper!!!
hope you get the job, let me know if you do, see you thursday :)
wasn't too well last week {PMT, I get it terrible every month :(}

Enfys said...

Just popped over to see if there was an update on your new project. Still got fingers crossed....
Enfys xx