Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Week Gone By

Ahhhhh well, here is another week gone by, and not a lot said. I have not been idle though, I have bee sifting and sorting my lovely new stash from the NEC, not made a lot with it yet, but that will come. No longer am I going to be a hoarder of papers, there are always new ones coming along that I just HAVE to have, that it seems to be a waste of money and precious storage space to keep, what will be in a few weeks, old papers :)

These are going to be this weeks cards, beautiful stamps by Creative Expressions, daffodils and a basket weave frame. No patterned paper on these cards at all, just paper piecing, I will let you know if I survive this class, but nothing can be worse than the night I got them all sewing, I thought I was going to be lynched!

I have been working on ideas for the course I am going to be doing, it is fun having a blank canvas to work on, but scary at the same time, I need to get in touch with the co-ordinator soon to see if the ideas I am working on are in the right area or am I totally off the wall lol. She has not e-mailed me back yet, so a trip to the collage is in order, and the fact that a craft shop in the next town has a sale on has nothing whatsoever to do with this decision!

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