Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Cards

It appears to be that time of the week again, these are the cards I will be doing tonight for class. ANOTHER Waterfall Card and a Diamond Card that I found on 'tinternet, if I could remember who's it was i would willingly give credit, but it was when i was wandering around YouTube ........ say no more lol.

Waterfall Cards seem to give this lovely Class of mine problems, This will be the third time I have done them! I don't think it is my teaching, could be though! I hope it is just like me trying to learn some things many moons ago at school when I drove some teachers to distraction not being able to "get it" then all of  a sudden it just "clicked".

The little Diamond Card is so cute, and when you follow the instructions properly, easy to do and soooooooooo effective, and when folded down, fits into a 4" square envelope.

My poor craft space looks like the aftermath of a rather bad war. Every piece of kit that I have is out on the desk or the shelf beside it. I am trying to put together a portfolio (big word for me!) for an interview!  Sometime soon I could be a part time lecturer in card making!

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♥ Marlou ♥ said...

LOL :) got my printer cleaned!! and now I have no photo paper to test it out LOL :) your blog is looking great and your cards too, see ya thursday at Steph's :)