Saturday, March 28, 2009

Interesting Subject

One of the blogs I follow has got an interesting post on it. Mrs Dunnit is an inspiration anyway and should be read, but this post is a doozy!  Journalling, the 5 W's, where, when, why, what and who. 

I left a comment, but thought it deserved a better answer than I gave, so here goes.

When I started this crazy journey of scrapbooking, I wanted every LO to be perfect and in my innocence thought this also ment that the journalling had to be perfect too, so used my computer to do it, no I am more knowledgeable, I know that the journalling does not only say what the picture is about, it tells a story, conveys feelings and thoughts (hmmmmm should concider this more when blogging lol) so I now use my handwriting, even if it does look like a spider has jumped in the inkwell and run across the page!

A lot of time and effort goes into making a scrapbook, and it is personal, so the journalling should be personal too, I usually write in the first person, but this is not a "rule", and sometimes I use hidden journalling, but not because I write things that should not be read. I love elements that DO things on a page, so I often add bits that flip, twist or open on a page, and yes, I am still ashamed of my handwriting, so sometimes hide it! lol. Sometimes the story is just too long to be included on the page, so goes behind the pictures, ten there are the times that there are just too many pictures on the page to allow any room for journalling!

There are occasions when the picture is self explanatory and does not need anything extra (my boys are brilliant at giving me the sort of pictures that need nothing more than a title!)

Then there is the LO I am working on right now, the story of Puss in Boots, it is the story itself that is the LO, so there will be a lot of writing on this one.

Yes I do practice writing what I am going to say first as I want to make sure it is going to fit the space I have left, and to spell check what I am going to write, but if I still leave the odd typo, it does not send me into a tail spin, bad spelling is part of who I am, along with my appalling writing lol.

I am lucky that both of my boys love the work that I do and I hope that my scrapbooks will live on, Miss K already loves hers and looks at it a lot, but she is a vain creature and as one of them is all about her, this is her favourite one :) Perhaps Miss E will feel the same way about hers, as she is only 12 weeks old I will give here a little more time to become interested!

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Lyn said...

Oh Wow - the Ffroggster had a blog all along and I didn't realise! I love all the photos, and especially the earlier one of you flat on the ground photographing a flower! That's my Ffrog!