Thursday, March 19, 2009

Late again, but this time I do have a good reason :)  This time last week I was in Birmingham at the Craft show at the NEC and what a good time was had by all, well both of us I should say :)

Somehow we even managed to end up at the filming
 of Gok Wan's Fashion Fix!!!!!!!

A bit of evidence I hear you say? Here you go!  It was a great laugh, and hands were sore clapping at the end of it. I hope that we will not be in the bits that get to the telly, but you never know.  Showing 14 April we were informed.

I don't think that I have ever laughed so much, the things that went wrong were unbelievable, and he is a very naughty boy, but very funny :)

Here are tonight's cards, I just LOVE these Hero Arts stamps, and I got the template for the Curvy Card when I was at the show, I am thinking that I will use it a lot :)  If done 4 times it makes a collapsible cube card as well!

Oh, and I have had the news that I have been waiting for................I got the job! Not only that, but I have the opportunity to start a new class for mini books! All my own!  I will have to do the whole course myself, starting with a name for books does not really do it does it?  Any ideas on a postcard please :) :)

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