Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I really must do better! Indoors for nearly a week and no blogging!  I have taken some pictures though, the snow was amazing and at one stage I thought we were going to be totally snowed in, I was not disappointed when we were!

Now the snow has finally stopped, we are greeted each morning with ............... fog! It really is just as well that I have always had a "thing" about keeping the freezer well stocked.

This weekend was the great UK Scrappers Cyber Crop. I didn't get as involved as I would have liked to do, shoveling snow had to take priority, but did some of the classes and a few of the challenges

This was a lovely class by Taniwha aka Rachel, using bubble wrap to paint a background.    I love it.

I used a picture of Evie, all wrapped up for an outing and cropped very close.

This one was a
 challenge. Use lace. I think I went a bit overboard, but I sort of like it .

This one is a class by Ifa. I didn't have a lot of the things that she used, so I improvised and used hers as inspiration. I will go back and do more of this one though, with the masks and watercolouring as it was a lovely technique.

As you can see, these are real Fun-ghi's  ............. I know, 'groan'. Another one that I sort of went off track with.
Laura Godfrey was the designer for this one and she used beads for the web in the bottom right corner, I used stickles as I made a bit of a mess of the inking and had to do a rescue on it.

And finally, the one that is so far out of my "comfort zone" that I am amazed that I did it! 
Bright, bright colours and more gems than I have ever used on a LO before!

This was another challenge, use an old favourite, well I bought the paper AGES ago at Birmingham, why I will never know except that I thought it was pretty and there it has sat on the shelf ever since, so the time had come to actually use it.

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Enfys said...

Wow, a feast of loveliness to look at today, I like them all, but really love the close cropped one of Evie. Fab work!
Enfys xx