Monday, February 02, 2009

I am trying to be a good blogger, so I have downloaded the pictures I took yesterday instead of leaving them on my camera until I can't remember where I took them :)

It was VERY cold yesterday, but the snowdrop walk was fantastic! We even took the time to renew our National Trust memberships, so there should be no excuse not to go to some of the lovely houses and events that I see are planned for the coming year.

The first picture was taken at the start of the Lime Walk, a run of pleached Lime trees with a drainage ditch running along side it, it was just a carpet of beautiful snowdrops.

The second picture is a shot looking down the length of the Lime Walk. M
ost of the snowdrops are not properly out yet, so when they are, they are going to be a real picture, and if we do not get the weather forecast, I might get back down again to take some more pictures as the daffodils are nearly ready to flower too.

As you do, we met some lovely walkers, one was a little cutie about 18 months old, who very seriously told me that I had to shut the gate behind me, so, alright says I, I will remember. "Good girl" says little cutie, "you go play in the 'venture park now" says she. Had me in stitches!

Here is one that Miss Mouse took of me that I did not know about until we got home, she claims that it is one that anyone who knows me will recognise! Me lying on the ground in the freezing cold to take a picture of a flower that has interested me! Well the cheek of it!

The hat was lovely and warm though lol.

One last one, just because I like it. One perfect snowdrop.


Marlou said...

great photos Theresa, make fab layouts :)

Tammie Lee said...

beautiful snowdrop. I can see why you were laying on the ground!

Linda said...

Hi...we live in the midlands and last year went to Hodsock Priory to see the snowdrops - it was wonderland.
I've put you in my draw, thanks for visiting.

Art of Jana said...

Thank you for entering my One World One Heart Giveaway! ...and for your kind words!

Jana (#905)

lisa said...

great shots - are you on flickr? If so, make me a contact!

Enfys said...

Your photos are wonderful, I can see why, if you are prepared to lie flat out on freezing ground to get a good shot. Isn't it fun to have snow to photograph though - although I have only taken them from the comfort of my window. Fair weather photographer, that's me.