Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Land

A whole day with no appointments and no plans .............. bliss!   So what am I doing with this unexpected time? Am I getting ready for a nice day in town? Am I doing housework so the weekend will be free? Am I Crafting up a storm? 
No, I am reading blogs!  Sometimes it is nice to spend some time actually reading the blogs I follow, properly, instead of scanning them and deciding I can go back to them and have a good read later. I have even used the blog links on them to go off on a wander into cyber land, and it has been great! I know there are a lot of superbly talented people out there, but I never seem to MAKE the time to go look for them.

Now I have so many ideas buzzing around, I should do something about it, but am I going to? Probably not. Another coffee and off into cyber land again lol.

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