Thursday, February 05, 2009


Well, I am going to be a bit more careful about what I wish for.

Wanting a photo opportunity and getting a day of near blizzards are two totally different things. I was a bit silly when I thought that a bit of nice snow overnight (so I took take a few nice pictures) that would conveniently melt by lunchtime just did not happen. 

We woke up to a good inch of snow, and it was still falling. So being the good child I am I set to with the snow shovel and salt/grit
 mix. I had to go out, well try to go out! As I had a dentist appointment, so Katy and I braved the weather and off we went. By mid afternoon you could not see where I had shoveled!

This is the lane, actually very pretty in the summer! 
But "interesting" in a snow storm :) Nice slow driving called 
for here.

This last one is of the trees at the top of our drive, very pretty, and no I did not stop to take them, I got Katy to take them for me, clever Ffroggie!

I have been asked if I use Flicker! Up until now I have not, but I think I might go and investigate :)  If these poor tired out bones will hold me up a little longer.

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