Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I missed last weeks WOYWW because I went on a very last minute few days holiday to the West of Ireland, so I am hoping that this weeks makes up for it!

So, what do we see this week? Drawers lying open, I have started to use up some of the mountain of scraps that I seem to generate to make cards with, and about time I hear you say!
Stamps left out, naughty girl that I am, no I do NOT always put them back as soon as I have used them.
Pro Markers at the ready, I was actually using them, evidence is under the album :)
Guillotine not put back, as usual!
Then comes the album, boy! What an album! An auction find that Mr M bought for the postcards that were in it, and trained as I have him, he knew not to even consider throwing it out till he had asked if I would like it. LIKE IT? I nearly broke the poor man's arm to get it off him! It is a beautiful velvet covered photograph album with metal cut and scroll work on it .....fabulous! I know it will not be acid and lignin free, but I WILL find a use for it :)
The "pages" inside are thick card with arches cut out to put those lovely Victorian posed photos in. There were a few loose pictures in it, of whom I have no idea, but they will not go to waste either.
Now I must get back to sorting and titling some of the 761 photos I took while I was away!


Julia Dunnit said...

Blimey, that album is just amazing! And you certainly have acquired a thing for Pro Markers, girly! If it were me, I wouldn't use the scraps if the drawers weren't left open!

Angie said...

I had to laugh at you and the album ... I would have probably actually broken atleast a finger as I grabbed it. Your work area is just right and I agree with Julia about open drawers but,no matter how small the drawers are, we have cats that will want to sleep in them!

Lyn said...

Had to chuckle when you said guillotine left out as usual - you have another under your desk ready to leap into action too!

That album is absolutely and totally lush - what a find!

And - HOW MANY PHOTOS - in HOW MANY DAYS? Blimey! (Just don't tell my kids, they panic if I even reach for the case, let alone hanging the camera round my neck like you!)

misteejay said...

My, what a fab find - I'm sure you'll be doing something super with the album soon.

Toni :o)

Kim Dellow said...

Wow I thought I took a lot of piccies! Are digital cameras the best? Fab piccy of your desk. Kim

Avril Ann said...

Fab Album, I am sure you can use it well. What a messy desk you have LOL. It goes to show what a dedicated crafter you are!!!! Thanks so much for the PIF award you sent me, If you have visited my blog you will know that I have had a recent bereavement, and it came the day after the news, so it cheered me up no end. I have still to choose my PIF awardees, and I hope that I can send them something equally "Fun and Cheering" Lots of Love and hugs Avril xxx