Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Here we go again :) I just love this!

There is definitely a bit of the voyeur about me, I just love looking into other peoples lives, even if it is just a peek at their work desks!
I also love Christmas time, when the tree is up, you get peeking into folks front rooms. Dark evenings and lights on inside the house, the tree lit and the curtains open ......... perfect! Funny really, as when I am visiting, unless an improvement or decorating is pointed out to me, I am unlikely to notice! Seems to me that being given permission to be nosey isn't good enough, I need the thrill of doing something that is just a little bit naughty :)

So, what have we got today?

Hmmmmmmm well the usual pile of inks, what would a craft table be without inks?
I am working on a journal of my holiday to Southern Ireland, I was going to make a mini book, but what should I find in a stationers in Birr but a K&Co Travel Journal! Right there in the window, just sitting there! I HAD to go in! Now don't get excited, there was not lot there, and the journal was the only one they had, The nice lady in the shop didn't want to sell it to me as it had been in the window for a few weeks and she thought it would be sun damaged, but I WANTED it! So I got it very reduced :) When I got it outside and ripped it open, no fading at all!
Two new Cuttlebug folders, no Lyn, they have not been put away yet, I need to look at them for a while longer :)
Ahhh yes, two sets of Prima stamps, just happened to jump into my hands and stick when I was getting the folders lol.
Stamps for class preparation, some done, some still to be worked on :)
If you look very carefully, you will also see a little Esso flame man keyring. I am still gradually sorting through M's Aunt's effects, one suitcase/box at a time, this little fella has old suitcase keys attached and has been appropriated for use at a later date :) If anyone remembers what he was called, if anything, please let me know!

As usual, if there is anything you spot that you would like to know about, please ask. What else are we doing this for if not to have a good old gawp at others messy habits!


misteejay said...

LOL, at least your work area is used...a lot of the pics that I used to see on 2Peas were very nice but it was impossible to believe that anyone ever scrapped there, LOL.

Toni :o)

Julia Dunnit said...

You do work neatly though Ffrog,whatever you say. Lovely journal, and it's coming on already, crikey, would take me months to get around!! I got new Cuttlebug folders too - can't tell what yours are, and can't tell what that stampo by the lamo is - just used by the looks of....