Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Been too Long..........

Since my last post! No crafty pictures to show you, but I thought a couple from my holiday would be nice :)
The drive for the first day was a long one, 320 miles, but I enjoyed it, singing along to hits of the 60's, Tom Jones and Meat Loaf! Don't worry, I didn't sing in built up areas! I stopped a couple of times, once was in the lovely town pictured above, Adare, lots of cute thatched cottages and a great coffee shop!

All the way to Dingle, the town was a lot smaller than I expected it to be for some reason, but the harbour was lovely at 5.30 in the morning when this picture was taken. Dingle is the hone of Fungie the Dingle Dolphin, he has lived in the waters around the town for many years now and is very human friendly, swimming with whoever braves the waters to meet him.

And the West Coast of Ireland would not be the same without a picture of a donkey!

Next are the spectacular Cliffs of Moher, thankfully barriers have been erected since the last time I was there to stop people getting too close to the edge. There are even wardens with walkie talkies to try ans stop those who do try and jump! It gave me the collie wobbles to see youngsters sitting with their legs dangling over the edge of the cliff!

Next is the Burren, an amazing landscape. Barren rocks, or so it seems to start with, but the flora is all hidden in the cracks in the rock formations, called grikes, orchids by the dozen, miniature hazel bushes, wild strawberries and honeysuckle to name but a few, then it was on the see Father Ted's house :)

Enough for now, just a selection of a few of the places I went to and saw, and if you are not good, I will post more sometime, as I am only about halfway through my journey. So many fantastic places to see and people to meet, if you can understand them!

Now I am back I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things again, butterfly mind syndrome. I have done the Circle Journals that I am in, and I am gradually getting some classes ready for Autumn, I have even started printing out pictures for a journal of my week away, but actually doing anything constructive is proving beyond me. Upside of all this procrastination is that I have a clean house, washing is all up together and even the ironing is done!

Anyone for a guided tour round Ireland?


Anonymous said...

Hi T, fantasic holiday pics! Love the donkey one! ;)
Hope you had a super duper time! Erin x

Lyn said...

Oh wow, what a fabulous place that must be - absolutely beautiful and unspoiled. A snippet of the HOW MANY photos you took? LOL! The story of kids hanging their legs over that cliff just gives me an attack of the eebie jeebies - I don't do heights, at all. Love the Father Ted and donkey highlights.

I am def up for a tour round Ireland, but afraid that's going to be a retirement time dream of mine, so, can you wait, ffrog? Or at least fit in a couple of mini tours with me when I get my a** in gear and sort work out!

Julia Dunnit said...

Fab fab fab pics Ffrog, looks like a great trip to me. The cliffs and grikes are fascinating. How beautiful it all is too - yes, i've been very bad, so post more pics please!