Monday, April 27, 2009

Naughty Blogger!

Well as usual I have been a naughty blogger and not blogged for over a week, things have been a little frantic here in Ffrogland, you think that when you have your kids up and reared that is it, but oh no, not a bit of it!

I may be a naughty blogger, but I am trying to be a good crafter, and as I have permission from Voodoo Vixen to use one of her mini books for the classes I am putting together for the Collage, I have been busy making samples. I even LIKE some of them! No pictures as yet, but as soon as I have them all done and presentable I will take some. 
So far I have the Star Book, a Flip Book, Annette's Circular Book, a Tag book, a Maze Book and now I am working on a Felt Book. There is nothing as slow as the wheels of education when you want to get something finalised! The hoops that have to be jumped through are amazing and a chain of command about 10 miles long!

Sometime soon I am also going to have to did out my craft room, why am I such an untidy crafter? The rest of the house is reasonable, the odd dust bunny and I am not that fussy about cleaning windows, but when it comes to my crafting space, I suddenly become a right slob! Drawers pulled out, bits of paper on the floor and a pile of "things" I have been using at my elbow. I usually manage to end up crafting on a space a gerbil would have trouble balancing on.

I always blame the storage I use, and am constantly trying to devise new ways of storing things so I will not get into these pickles. If I am honest I will admit that it is the "storage" part of storage that I am not good at, it implies using something and putting it back into whatever devious plan I have come up with to keep these essential pieces of craft equipment in check. It all looks nice for as long as it takes for me to use said items. As soon as the item has been used, it is put away from me and I go onto the next step, no, of course I do not put it back in the drawer/file/folder/box/tin I got it from, I am on a roll and I NEED to get onto the next stage. Even though I have numerous pairs of scissors, can I ever find one? Nope, it is under or in a pile not far from my elbow.
I am just going to have to accept that no matter what "system" I use, I am never going to be able to be a tidy crafter.

Hey Ho!


misteejay said...

Had to laugh ffroggie...I think an ant would find it hard to turn around on my craft table - that's the reason I'm now balanced on the edge of the desk in the study LOL

Toni :o)

Julia Dunnit said...

OMG, we totally are singing off the same sheet this week..only I was brave enough to post a photo! Keep going, the college stuff sounds FAB..they don't know how lucky they're going to be!

Lyn said...

Ummmm, continues to whistle innocently whilst tidying up as I go along ...... Hey, Ffrogg, what you need is for ME to visit - leave me in your craft room with lots of RUBs and assorted plastic boxes and containers, a labeller, card files and binders, keep me supplied with caffeine (rather than plonk!) and you will be organised and catelogued and everything in no time ..... and probably never be able to find anything again, ever! (But I will have had a great time :D)