Wednesday, April 01, 2009

More Cards!

Well here is a surprise, as it is that time of the week, I have some more cards to show you, these, as usual are for tomorrow evenings class, so you might just notice the theme here, a sort of harder card, and then another in the same vain.

This week we are going to have another go at penny spinner cards, not that hard in the usual way of things, but not that easy when there is a race going on in class to see who can do their cards first and get gone! Why , oh why does this have to happen?

Today was Him Indoors's Birthday, pity we were both suffering from rough head colds, too much so to bother with going out for dinner which is our usual thing. We have got to an age where expensive Birthday presents are not needed, so dinner out somewhere nice is what we usually do, but tonight it was dinner in, a nice Chinese dinner including duck pancakes, yummy. I did offer to get him slippers and a nice beige v-neck cardie in honor of his advanced years, wet fish and my ears were mentioned lol.

1 comment:

misteejay said...

The cards are lovely - I've only ever done 'straight' spinners so might have to give this a go.

Think you should still get DH the slippers LOL

Toni :o)