Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OK, I am up for the Challenge!

Mrs Dunnit, has gone and well........dunnit!  She has put a lovely piccie of her ribbon vase one her bloggie 'specially for little ole moi! So looks like I am going to have to do one too :)

OK, not the worlds best picture I admit, and it was before just a few more were added, but not too bad for a beginner eh?

I have to admit that Mrs Dunnit is right on this one, I had tried all sorts of ways of storing ribbons, and guess what? 
This one WORKS!  Pins holding them onto cards just ripped unwary fingers open, than as it was fiddly trying to get them back on the card, they got abandoned......again! So every few weeks I ended up having to do an afternoons sorting, so that idea got squashed, then followed pots, well as I could not see into them I never knew what I was looking for or what I had, so that was a no go as well.
When I saw this vase of ribbons I fell in love and just HAD to get me one, well Miss Mouse got it really hee hee, best thing she has done this year IMHO.

So Thanks Julia, and Katy, I loves my ribbon vase :)

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Marlou said...

cool ribbon jar Theresa :) loving your blog makeover :)