Saturday, January 31, 2009

Better Tonight

Well I feel a bit better tonight, especially as I have found out that I have won a pressie :)  Some lovely Bodacious Borders from a lovely lady called Steph on her blog Any Shade of Green

When the postie arrived, he does not get to us out here in the wilds until lunchtime (or after) he brought me a book I ordered from America, The Art of Fabric Books, just a quick skelly at it so far, but looks good, everything from the making to the decorating, I will keep you informed.

I also had a right rummage through all of my old magazines and had a good chucking session (after removing anything I found I might use :)) and even used my Dymo  to label all my boxes of bits, no more rootling around for me.........ha ha. Organisation is happening, just VERY slowly :)

If I was not such a numpty, I would have remembered to bring my camera upstairs, but it will have to wait until tomorrow now, as I am here, I feel the need to go and tidy something else :) I might even have a go at making something :)

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