Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miss Mac is up and running!

Well, I got me this Mac you see......................

Taken me a while to find my way around her, but I think I am getting there :)

Mr PC has been banished to the other side of the room to stop me using him and to force me to get used to using Miss Mac. I have managed to transfer all of my pictures and documents, moved all of my favourites AND put them into proper folders so I can find them all again, now all I got to do is master the photo suite and I will be away with a mixer......... or the fairies lol.  No idea yet how I am going to master resizing pictures to get them onto the www as Miss Mac does not have Microsoft Paint, but there must be a way, and if I don't find it I will ask the lovely people on UKS, they are the font of all knowledge :)

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Marlou said...

hi Theresa!!! welcome to blogland, delighted you are joining in the fun :) loving your cards :) :)