Sunday, March 21, 2010

What a Weekend!

4 Dollies, a car, good weather and good food, what more can a girl want or need? Dolly OCD arrived first, collected and nearly missed by Dolly Traybake's husband and delivered to LSS (Local Scrap Shop), closely followed the next day, by Dolly Dunnit and Dolly Traybake. Now let the fun commence :)

A lot of talking, well we did have a lot to catch up with! Followed by a token amount of crafting in The Cat House with a LOT more talking and catching up, so far, so good.

The weather forecast had not looked at all promising, so we had no plans set in concrete, in fact we did not even have any set in mildly damp sand! So the great outdoors was peered at with trepidation, but YEAH! sun was shining and all was was well, a trip up the Antrim Coast was a must, ending with a visit to a ..........wait for it .......... you will never guess ............. a ........ craft shop! I will never tire of showing of the beautiful scenery here, seems the English contingent were quite impressed too!

Food was provided courtesy of Dolly Traybake and the local Thai. That went down well too :) Everyone holding up well.

Then came the Ulster Fry, oooops, that on top of sea air, shopping, chatting, giggling and generally misbehaving like schoolchildren was just toooooo much for some :)
This was the best weekend for a long time girlies, thank you all so much for making it easy, fun and even Mr Froggie says he will will welcome you with open arms next time (note NEXT time!) He is proud to be a survivor of a Dolly get together :)


Anonymous said...

gutted i couldn't be there :( but glad you all had an ace time! xx

misteejay said...

Sounds like you all had fun - glad all went well.

Toni :o)

Lyn said...

FABUUUULOUS time, Dahhling! Love the sequence of photos, and the final one just about sums up the result of a wonderful weekend, thank you so much :D

And, what about the "next time" from the proud "I Survived" man in the mix?!


Julia Dunnit said...

Whoa! WHo the hell is that fat woman eating FRIED food? Man, take down that picture!
Fab weekend Dolls, mostly chat I recall - the flight home with 200plus people on it was quieter!!
Gret news about himself..good grief! Stepladder.