Monday, March 22, 2010

Be careful what you say ...................

Because you might just get what you ask for and more!

When the Dollies were coming over, I had a look at the long range forecast, as you do, and was disappointed to see that we were likely to be in for a wet weekend. Not a problem as being crafters, I knew we would be able to find something to do, so when the first morning dawned clear and fine, I was happy. When the second day dawned, also clear and sunny I began to hope that it would stay fine till they had to go home, and thought to myself, if it will just hang on it can rain all it likes on Monday. Now here's the rub, be very careful what you ask for, hail, strong winds and driving rain was not exactly what I was thinking of when I said it could rain all it liked!


misteejay said...

Oh dear!

They say "be careful what you wish for..." and you seem to have found out the hard way - hope you didn't have to venture out in the grotty weather.

Toni :o)

Lyn said...

LOL! I can't believe our luck with the weekend weather either, and to be able to do the coast too was a bonus.

Yup - rained here today and now it's sunny again, but seeing those lovely lambs on Saturday has made it really feel like Spring.

Mint Sauce!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh man, it's soaking - it only shines on the righteous see T!! Wasn't it fab. Stepladder!!!!!!!!!

misteejay said...

Hey ffroggie, it's that time again...UKS CC - end of April (23/24/25) do come and play.

Toni :o)

misteejay said...

Thought I would drop by as I hadn't seen anything of you for a wee while...I have a little something over on my blog for you.

Toni :o)