Monday, August 24, 2009

Mojo, Mojo where for art thou Mojo?

Why is it when you cannot do something, or cannot have something you want to do it/have it all the more?

When the electrician was here I was raring to go, and when I thought the plumber was going to be here at half past silly this morning, I had ideas a plenty, but as soon as I have time and a space to work in, mojo goes a walking?

Mind you, having hayfever from Hell this afternoon does not help of course, but even so, you would think that I would be over in my lovely craft room instead of sitting here moaning wouldn't you? I even have lots of lovely corrugated cardboard to play with as we went to the Swedish shop yesterday to get my second Expedit unit so that the new radiator, when fitted, would fit in the space that I have allowed for it. I have been abandoned! Mojo has gone again.

I have used my lovely room though, as the picture at the top of this post shows, a cute little card using Hero Arts and Habico stamps, I saw the shape for this card in one of my too many magazines, that is something else that needs a good sort through. I don't like to chop magazines up, so I end up keeping the whole magazine if the is something in it I like. My half way through the year resolution, that I am just making now, is going to be to scan any articles that I like and pass the magazines forward!

There I have done something this afternoon, I do feel a lot better for that :)


ZACL said...

This is so sweet. It won't be easy relinquishing your magazines, but scanning articles etc. is a good idea. Are you thinking of creating a database for them or, a titled file system?

It could take a bit of setting up, but once in situ, you'll be able to zip in and out of your system at will and speed.

Julia Dunnit said...

Such a sweet card Ffrog! I got that set of Hero stamps dunno if I showed my take on it..willhave a look; not a patch on this one though. As for the Mojo..sorry, it ain't here with me. Mine's a gonner too - if they're off playing together somewhere I shall utterly blame yours!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh and forgot to add - how sweet of previous commenter to talk about setting up a database and blah - and there I was thinking you'd probably scan 'em, possibly laminate them and shove 'em in a BiA ring! God, I'm so out of date!

misteejay said...

Love the card ffroggie.

Where ever your Mojo is my 'Get up & go' is too...LOL

I know what you mean about not cutting up mags but I think the time has come for me to have a sort out otherwise my upstairs space will be making a bargain basement space due to the weight of the mags.

Toni :o)

Lyn said...

That's so cute and I love those stamps. If your mojo is anything like mine, it is in hiding, just in case it gets worked to death like the rest of me, and I'm not talking crafting! At least your electrician turned up, even if your mojo didn't......