Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Neeps and Beeps

Mr Tesco has a LOT to answer for!

The other day we were there for the clothes sale, I didn't get much in the way of clothes, but did get three trays of reduced price beetroots. Now I do like, beetroot, don't get me wrong, but three trays? What was I thinking of? So it was off to my trusty preserves book to see what was in there. Well lo and behold, there was a recipe for pickled turnip with beetroot, so this morning like the domestic goddess that I like to delude myself that I am, a pickling I decided to go (having acquired baby turnips yesterday).

I will report next week as to the success or failure of this project, if I don't get arrested for suspected mass murder in the meantime. Beetroot stained hands will be hidden in pockets in public for the next few days!

Oh, the title of this post? I was telling Dolly Traybake about this enterprise, and she misheard me!


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah..I wondered. I have a neice who refers to her girly sticky out bits as beeps! Well, two ingredients that I don't like, but my, don't they look good bottled!!

Angie said...

That sounds an interesting mix ...and a healthier one than I would have done. I think I would have tried all the beetroot cake and muffin recipes that are around lol
Cant wait to hear how it turns out

misteejay said...

Don't like turnips but love beets - hope they prove to be well worth all your effort.

Toni xx

Lyn said...

I like both turnips and beetroot. My most fav beetroot ever was in my own home made wine ... now there's a long story .....