Monday, January 17, 2011

Post Christmas Blues

We like a lot of other people here in good 'ole Norn Iron suffered burst pipes, power cuts and other niceties over the Christmas period, but we were luckier than some in that we do have a generator so we did have power, our water supply was only cut off for one day, though we did have reduced pressure for a lot of the time, but the worst for me was the burst pipe.

It could have been worse........I suppose, it was in the barn and not in the house like a lot of people had, but in the barn! My workroom is out there!

Craft stuff was brought into the house to be worked on, yep, crates filled, lugged into the kitchen to be disgorged onto the kitchen table, used then packed back into the crate, where of course it does not all fit back into! Then lugged back over to the workroom to be disgorged onto the table over there as it was too cold to stay there and put it all away again. Result, now the pipe has been fixed, I have spent this morning over there "tidying up".

The table looks worse than it did before I started! Too ashamed to post a picture.

Why, oh why did the powers that be make me such a messy pig!?


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh you're not alone miss ffroggie - indeed, I don't believe that your desk is consistently bad..I've seen it empty!!

misteejay said...

Oh ffroggie - not something that anyone should have to cope with - what a pain.


Toni xx

Lyn said...

Messy Pig or Messy FFrog???