Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WOYWW (I made it!)

I have finally got to posting my work desk on the right day!

It is a right mess as I have still to put away my purchases from the show in Belfast, I am doing cards for class and well, I am just a craft slattern really :)
The christmas paper did not get used, nor did the Noel stamp, silver stickles or sepia accents, but the pale green 1st attempt Christmas Tree did, oh and no I have still not eaten the buttons :)

Over on Julia's blog, she is starting a campaign on the misuse of the word, altering. After all the items used in creating art are not altered they will still be what they were made as when the art is complete, so the item has not been altered.

I have to admit that I do sometimes refer to altering, not because I alter the item I am decorating, a loo roll inner, no matter what you do with it, will always be a loo roll inner, a sardine tin will always be a sardine tin etc etc etc, but as I mentioned before sometime, I am lazy and that is the only excuse I have. I do like making pieces of art with refound items the afore mentioned loo roll inners and sardine tins and adding anything that I can find to stick to, paint, glue, glitter or generally dickey up in a pleasing (to me) way. Altering, decorating, transforming or refinding, call it what you will, I like to do it!


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh your desk is heaven for stash collectors today!
I do use the word 'alter' - a lot, but not when all I've done is covered or know what I mean. If I could change a baked bean tin into a small family car - now tht's altering! I guess it's about fundamentally changing the use of something, so really, alter is a correct word. I just don't like it!!

Pam said...

I love your desk and I did have a little moment myself on "alter". I can't believe you still have chocie buttons in that bag, they wouldn't last long in my house but only if the kids spot them before I hid them! Hugs Pam

Angie said...

Love the desk ...its busy but ordered

misteejay said...

Should we be trying to guess how long the 'buttons' will remain uneaten LOL

Changing a CD into a clock, loo-roll inners into a mini album are things I would consider as altered cos the use has changed but decorating a bare lunch tin is just that...decorating IMO although it can be borderline depending on what the item is then gonna be used for.

Toni :o)

Lyn said...

I stand for ever in awe of your stash and space and ability to ignore chocolate!

Nikki said...

What a Stash wow is what I think
I say there is 3 buttons left in that bag mmm
hugs Nikki